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Rent your coworking space to external public groups

L Walker - December 6, 2021

Your pipeline of coworking members and flex space tenants is your bread and butter. But the ability to rent your space to outside groups in your community is one of the best ways to add revenue streams, broaden your reach, and attract new members to your coworking space.

Topics: How to use Coworks Software- Coworking Software

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Local is more than location for Good Space coworking

L Walker - November 29, 2021

“Your car is a reflection of who you are. Where you live reflects the life you want to lead. The same goes for your coworking space.”

Topics: Coworks Case Studies- Cool Coworking Space Spotlight

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The Lola: for and by womxn

L Walker - November 15, 2021

Land on the website of The Lola, and you’ll notice something right away.

They misspelled women.

Topics: Cool Coworking Space Spotlight

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How to select the best coworking space management software

L Walker - November 9, 2021

You want to give your members the best experience in your coworking space. For that, you need the right software. Selecting the best management software for your coworking space can feel like a Sisyphean task, but it doesn’t have to be.

Topics: Coworking Software

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The art of beneficial collisions

L Walker - November 1, 2021

The Entrepreneurship Garage at North Carolina State University is a venture creation and prototyping space designed for student entrepreneurs. 

Topics: Coworks Case Studies- RaleighNC- Maker spaces- University

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CoworkHERS: busting more than glass ceilings

L Walker - October 19, 2021

“Can I even do this?”

That’s what Heather Ashby asked herself when she sat down to map out a plan for a women-focused coworking space. 

Topics: Cool Coworking Space Spotlight

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Grow your coworking business with data

L Walker - September 6, 2021

As the cofounder of DenSwap, John Driftmier has the unique perspective of seeing coworking operators at every stage of their journey: from opening their doors to expanding their footprint to exiting.

Topics: Flex space- Coworking

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Nexus Co-Work & Event Space

L Walker - August 27, 2021

A nexus is defined as a connection or series of connections linking two or more things. Which is why it’s the perfect name for Nexus Co-Work & Event Space.

Topics: Coworks Case Studies- Cool Coworking Space Spotlight

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What is Space-as-a-Service?

DeShawn Brown - August 18, 2021

I don’t have to buy a car, I can use Lyft or Uber.
I don’t need to buy a vacation home, I can use AirBnB.
I don’t have to hit the grocery store, I can use Postmates.
I don’t need to buy music, I can lease it from Spotify.

Topics: CRE- Cool Coworking Space Spotlight- Coworking- back to work

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DenSwap helps close the gap with CRE

L Walker - August 17, 2021

Like so many people in the coworking industry, John Driftmier and Craig Baute saw a need no one else was filling.

Topics: Coworking Influencer- Coworking research- Coworking

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